Flashes of knowledge. Brief glimpses of history.

My empire falling to chaos as pretenders strive for my empty throne, and each of them falling to ruin as they lack the will to rule.

Great wars fought for the ambitions of warlords; crusades called from good and evil gods.

More of the same. Throughout my long life the world has been unchanging in its meaninglessness. The reason I abandoned my empire. I had come to believe that the reason for this stagnation of my world was my own fault; that by imposing my singular vision on the world for so long that it was unable to change. Now, as I sleep through ages and awaken to more of the same, I fear that I have poisoned the soul of the world itself.

So be it; apathy is death. If this world cannot change, I will find a new world that can. Beginning the mental rituals to finally rise from my long stupor, my senses begin to narrow from the world to my hidden sanctuary. Strangely, surprisingly, I feel the panic and fear of the living among the ruins that hide me from the world. A woman and a child, reeking of fear, fleeing from men seething with rage.


Perhaps my gaze has been from on high for too long. Nations have changed only in name throughout history, but people, individuals, do occasionally live interesting lives. By the time I fully awaken from my slumber, the men have caught up with the woman and killed her without ceremony. Strange, I expected worse. Perhaps they feared her more than they hated her. They seem to be arguing about what to do with the child; it doesn't take them long to reach the obvious solution - the girl represents the same nameless fear that drove them to kill her mother.

With a gesture, I appear before them, overwhelming their small minds with the fear of facing a power beyond anything they have experienced in their short lives. Their panic is palpable; even without making a threat they understand that a swift death would be the most merciful fate they could receive.

Still, I am unsure what exactly my goal with these mortals is, truly. For the first time in thousands of years I have set foot on the surface of the world, and for what? To save a child? To punish a mob? Simply to revel in destruction, as I had during my rise to power?


I have known life and death, pain and pleasure, glory and power, but never has my life been simple. Violence is easy, and demonstrations of power only welcome challenges to that power. But here, I will try something new.

My voice, spoken finally after five millennia, is exactly as powerful and threatening as I remember, my words burning into their minds forever: